Travel To Malaysia

Malaysia is a large country located in Southeast Asia that enjoys a tropical climate. The east coast, including Langkawi Island and Brinchang Island, are more suitable for sailing than other parts of the country. The west coast has more gentle ocean currents and is often recommended for a longer stay. Enjoy your trip to Malaysia.

The Country

Malaysia, is indeed a very beautiful country and has everything from a laid-back beach lifestyle to some of the most pristine rainforest areas in the world. Best of all, the best time of the year to visit Malaysia is anytime of the year, because the climate is moderate throughout the year. Because it is situated in an extremely tropical and subtropical climate, visitors get to experience the rainforest, wildlife, and marine life at their most. The best way to begin your adventure in Malaysia is always to book a high-quality tour, but then again you can also attempt a short stop-off in Kuala Lumpur or Sentosa to get a taste of what Malaysia has to offer.

Best places to see in Malaysia are everywhere you look, but there are a few must-sees in particular during the year. The pearl cultivation industry in Malaysia runs at full steam all year round, as it thrives off the rich catch of local and international waters. Best time of the year to go scuba diving in Malaysia (or any other part of Asia for that matter) is between May and October, as this is when the large number of wrecks are found. Tour operators in Malaysia will arrange a guided tour to dive the wrecks and get a close look at the coral and the marine life. Or if you want a more natural environment, then you could visit the rainforests; the tour operators in Malaysia will arrange a tour to explore the wild life in the islands and forest-zones of Penang, Malaysia’s capital city.

A Malaysia river safari is the perfect way to see the country up close; there are numerous river safaris available to travelers coming to Malaysia from major cities, and each offers a different view of the country and its people. A coastal region is also very popular with travelers coming to Malaysia, and is the perfect way to get to appreciate the natural beauty of the island. Most cities in Malaysia have some form of natural reserve or park, where a tourist can go on a guided tour, or take on a simple nature walk. These include the well-known Transfrontier National Park in Kuala Lumpur, which boasts some stunning scenery and unique animal species; or in the far northern region of Sarawak, there is the Sarawak Island Zoo, which is one of the best zoo’s in the world.

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The Food

Malay food, just like other Indonesian foods, is made from rice and follows a diverse, yet very complex, culinary tradition. Malay food is considered to be one of the world’s most diverse cuisines because of the wide variety of dishes, ingredients, and styles that have been brought by different people across time. Malay food consists of traditional cooking practices and traditions found in Malaysia, which are also reflected in its multi-cultural population. The majority of Malays, Chinese, and Indians are of Malay descent, thus the influence of the local food culture is still seen even today.

Today, there is no big difference when it comes to preparing Malay food. From start to finish, all dishes are easy-to-follow and have simple yet elegant designs, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage. A typical meal in Malaysia consists of a sumptuous dish such as strong (or laksa), satay, Malay (or prawns), keratin-cured noodles (tahu telur), vegetables such as manjikani, Chinese broccoli, and other fresh vegetables, served with a range of sauces and dressings. Malaysia has a wide selection of fast-food chains and street hawkers, but these are usually not available in all areas. There is also a vast variety of fresh seafood available in local markets.

From starters and curries, main courses, snacks, and desserts, all types of food in Malaysia are delicious and nutritious. The best way to sample different food types is to head to the many world-famous hawker centers found throughout Malaysia. At these facilities, one will be able to sample authentic Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and other regional cuisines at prices that are surprisingly affordable, while getting some delicious meals to enjoy in luxury.

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