Travel Credit Cards

The best travel credit cards give more than good money-back rewards. In fact, they can offer a assorted variety of other benefits.

How to choose

To help you decide on the right travel card for your requirements, is best to compare advantages and disadvantages of reward air miles, special offers for international travel, airline rewards and even added incentives for rental cars, hotels and travel insurance among the cards you might want to consider.

The best travel cards offer cash rebates on every purchase including gas prices, hotel stays and cruises. You can redeem bonuses for apparel, theme park tickets and airline miles. Other advantages include savings on foreign flights, assistance with insurance needs and discounts at the many participating stores. But cash rebates are the biggest advantages, with many cards providing as much as 10% cash back.

Business related cards

For people who use their cards for business-related expenses, the travel rewards make it easier to keep better control of personal credit card spending. These can be used to pay for flight fares, rental cars, hotel rooms and even to buy presents for family members. Depending on how much the employee uses his or her card for business related expenses, the benefits can keep better control of personal finances. Travel credit cards can also help keep better control of personal credit rating, because employees can get bonus points for every dollar spent.

Additional bonuses

Some cards offer air miles rewards, which can be earned by flying to particular destinations. Others may offer bonuses that double the cash back or air mile value of purchases. Others still may award points toward earning hotel stays. The rewards offered by travel credit cards differ widely. It is important to compare the features and benefits between different offers. Also, compare the rates and fees to find the most affordable offer.

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Travel perks

Travel perks allow employees to save money because the discounts offered on business and travel cards may be combined with insurance plans to earn significant discounts on premiums. For example, if the employee uses a travel card with the company’s insurance plan, the card owner may save money by reducing the monthly premiums. Travel perks allow the savings to be transferred directly to the insurance plan to be used as deductibles or credits when making insurance purchases.

The application process

When an employee applies for a business credit card, he or she must complete a form that gives information about his or her company. Then the information is forwarded to the company issuing the card. Once approved, the employee has the opportunity to choose from the perks that are available. There are many perks that are available, including air miles, cash back and major rebates on purchases. The employee can also choose to apply for an extended warranty that extends to his or her business through the card issuer.

Other ways to redeem rewards

Travel rewards can also be redeemed by hotels and restaurants in the form of gift certificates or rebates. A certain percentage of all eligible purchases are automatically added to the customer’s account, which allows him or her to use the bonus amount at any point in time. Depending on the travel cards that are being applied for, there could be different restrictions on how the bonus can be used. However, most cards will allow customers to redeem their points when they make hotel reservations, use electronic check systems at select locations or purchase dining at participating restaurants. Vacation packages offered through travel cards can also provide discounts on vacations, airfare, cruises and rental cars.

Choose the right one for you

Travel credit cards are very useful for business owners because these can help employees and executives save money by providing them with an incentive and rewards for making financial transactions. When applying for a business credit card, business owners should make sure to choose a card that has a rewards program that matches their company’s objectives. The card should also be backed by a reputable financial institution. Business owners can apply for a business credit card online or through a bank or other lender. Business owners can compare different credit cards before applying to ensure that their card offers the right incentives and benefits to meet their business needs.

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