The wonderful Balinese Food

If you are planning for a dream vacation, Bali can be one of the best options. Bali is known as the “land of a thousand temples.” This temple town is located in the central part of Bali and, as the name implies, has a large number of temples. In this place, the people use traditional Balinese dress and the Balinese lehenga. There are many things that you should see in Bali to make your trip memorable but for today we want to focus on something that here in Bali is “seen” everywhere.

The food is among the most popular things that are seen in Bali. Balinese food, especially the Indonesian cuisine, is famous all over the world. There are different varieties of Balinese foods, which include, but are not limited to: kerdi, mendhi, malay, laufau, Rotieng, Satay, and so many more. Balinese foods, like the ones that were mentioned above, are eaten everywhere in Bali and they are delicious and also quite nutritious.

The first dish that you should try is the Balinese white rice that is eaten commonly here in Bali and that accompanies so many local dishes. Just that alone makes your dish choice “different”. Other than white rice, people also eat noodles and stirred vegetables. In Bali, most of the local people eat own cooked food without the help of any outside cooks or restaurants. 

The preparation of the food that is eaten by the locals can sometimes be a very time consuming process and if you have the chance, you should really try to see how the people prepare their food because it is really fascinating. You can do so by stopping by the stalls that are frequently cooking all sort of dishes in the sidewalk of almost every main street.

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About the people and their food

The Hindus are the majority population in Bali as they are the majority of the population in the all country. Balinese cannot really call Bali their home as the majority migrated from other regions of the country like the island of Sumatra or Java. Unlike the Hindu’s, the Balinese worship the Buddha and do their spiritual rituals. The Hindu’s do not really believe in the deity of the Bali and they do not really follow the religion of the Bali. 

That is why Hindu and Bali cuisine are not the same as well, they are influenced by culturally different people .

Now, the question is: what are the things that you can find in Bali that are really unique?
People in Bali are really smart when it comes to food and it is no wonder that the Bali cuisine is so amazing because of the way the Balinese use every part of the food that they are serving. Bali cuisine is truly a sight to behold. If you are looking for good food in Bali, then you should definitely try the famous Bali halal food, something that in recent times has become also widely available in other parts of the world.

Halal is a word that means “lawful” in Arabic and is the word that you will often find in the names of the dishes in Bali. Halal is a combination of Arabic and Hindu religious beliefs and it pertains to the food that is not sinful. In Bali, you will rarely find anything that is cooked with pork or beef.
You will more than often find dishes called warung, manang, and manang kuat that are served during special occasions and in most parts of Bali.

What are some real typical food to find in Bali?

If you go for food that you can find in markets and that are strictly for locals (non touristy) the Bali gunduk is a dish that is made of steamed and mixed green bananas and cream. Another great but lesser known dish is the Baliyan, a dish of rice and condensed milk that is served with a spicy and flavorful coconut sauce. There are also foods such as the Seminyak that is made of sweet potatoes and egg cooked in thick syrup and the Bakri in which the cooked meat of the goat and other ingredients are combined and served with vegetables that include onions, garlic, and fried egg. Some of the popular desserts that are served in Bali are the Kue Pepe and the Kuta.

If you are planning to go to Bali, then the best way to experience the best in Bali cooking is to take a cooking class. With a cooking class, you will learn the different types of Balinese meals as well as the different styles of Bali food that can be prepared. In addition, when you take a cooking class in Bali, you will also be able to see the different ways that the Balinese people prepare their delicious desserts and breads.

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