Round the world trip

For many, a round the world trip is something to absolutely achieve in a lifetime

So if you are one of them, and you are in the stages of planning your trip, perhaps this article will come quite handy to you.

Please do bear in mind that this article was in the making for quite sometime and obviously the currently pandemic situation has made a round the world trip something that very few can afford … or it might be even impossible to achieve with the current situation worldwide.

However, our intent is to give guidance to those who are planning now for the “after-pandemic” near future and not to suggest people to go and travel right now. With that clarified, let’s get on with the article.

First of all the basics

It is important to consider planning the Round the World Trip well before departure. It is also advisable to check with your foreign national or representative if you have any other special requirements that must be taken into account during your trip.

Now let’s look at the financial aspect

The first step in planning your trip is to work out the total amount of money required to travel around the world. You can also include planning the destinations for visiting countries, your working abroad experience and the other factors like visa requirements for entering the country, etc.

Destinations to include or to avoid

The next step should be to select the destination and the cities in which you want to spend your holidays. You may either visit popular cities such as Paris, Rome, London or Sydney, or choose the most unnamed exotic destinations where you would like to spend your vacation.

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Planning the Details

A tourist planner can help you in the selection process by providing you with the latest information on places to visit, the best time to visit, and the best time to plan your flight and accommodation, etc. They can also provide you with the best 6 month round the world trip ideas.

Once you have a rough estimate of how much you need to spend on your travel expenses then it becomes easier for you to plan out the details of your travel route. There are two types of Round the World Trip itineraries, one using a budget and the other one using an all-inclusive plan.

Planning a budget trip to any part of the world is not difficult but if you are planning for a round the world itinerary, especially to popular destinations like Sydney, London, Paris and Rome, you will need to be a little careful in your budget allocation.

You can always choose a place to spend your vacations cheaper. It is advisable to save up at most during your first months of vacation and then spending more money during your second part of the trip so that you don’t risk the be out of money in between.

A good traveler should always plan out his itinerary before he leaves for his vacation. He should visit as many websites as he can and compile his favorite tour itineraries, destinations and time periods to get an idea about the travel expenses and approximate amount of time that he will be there. Then planning out your own Round the World trip ideas can make this even easier.

The internet is flooded with travel resources and blogs that are dedicated to travelers and they will have some great recommendations regarding cheap accommodation, travel attractions and beautiful places to see.

If you are planning for a full round the world trip then there are various things that you need to consider like the destination, duration of your travel, air or boat ticket, food and souvenirs and so on. You must also think about your budget and whether you want to spend more on one place or want to spend less.

The best advice when planning a round the world trip is to choose a location that is popular with tourists. If you want to go to popular destination then choosing a lesser visited destination will lower your costs.

Your round the world ticket must include a check-in and you have to pay your expenses while planning the trip. Round the World trip ideas can make your trip affordable and enjoyable and the best thing about it is that when you are planning the trip you don’t have to plan in a rigid manner. You can simply decide to go on a particular trip or choose a location at random. This can help you plan your trip much more effectively.

Important knowledge about the countries you visit

Always remember to check through the websites of the embassies of your country on the one of destination and verify that there are no contraindications for citizens like you who visit that particular country. 
In fact, it happens from time to time that the country you want to visit is on the list of places at risk for reasons that can be political, general health or military. In that case your consular or embassy office could advise against or sometimes deny entry to its citizens in these places. It is also worth mentioning to check the WHO Website  for epidemic troubled countries.

Refill your wallet

It is not uncommon for round the world travelers to find seasonal jobs in some of the country visited. These will allow you to make up for your expenses and will help you also integrate better in the society of the visited country. Job for travelers can include, but are not limited for, working in various restaurants or hotels, working as beach guard, pool cleaner, skipper in a boat, teaching a foreign language and so many more.

The Open Ticket

Make sure that your ticket does not have fixed departure dates from one place to another but only indicative dates. This will allow you to stay an extra day or two in places where you feel good or where there is so much to see and do or on the contrary, to get away at great speed from places where you are not comfortable and where it would therefore be one big waste of time and resources to stay longer.


As with all other trips you have to be careful what you do and who you do it with. In other words, always remember that, especially if you are traveling alone, on such a long journey and in consideration of those periods when you have the money counted, you may go to hostels or in any case places where you will share the room with other strangers. So, as they say in the jargon, always keep an eye open, you never know who you will be dealing with.

In conclusion

Well at this point it seems a must to remind you that a trip like this happens once in a lifetime, so try to take lots of beautiful photos and catalog your entire trip. Imagine what an incredible emotion it will be for your children twenty years after reading their parents’ adventures.

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