Cruising in Singapore is still an option?

Cruising in Singapore during the Pandemic? Is it really happening?

Trying to navigate through the madness and confusion created by the contradicting news, official statements and reports from Cruise Lines main communication mediums can really be a daunting task.

Many vacationers had already purchased their tickets for the June resuming cruises and were already planning what to do and where to visit but their dream came to a halt when in the last update of April 8th, 2021 Royal Caribbean announced again a global suspension of cruising. However, this exclude sailings onboard Quantum, Spectrum, Voyager, Anthem, Adventure, Vision, Jewel, and Odyssey of the Seas. Note that the Voyager was scheduled to cruise in Singapore, so despite being in the list of the ships that are OK to cruise, the dates on the cruises available are only indicating that there will be cruises starting in November 2021 instead of the June 21st as previously stated. Are things confusing ? Well…yeah!

What’s so good about Cruising in Singapore

Many cruising enthusiasts from around the globe have always had a plan to visit Singapore. Singapore is one of the most sought-after destinations for a cruise because of its amazing scenery and cruise ships that dock at various ports all along the country’s coastline. Singapore tours and Cruising in Singapore are popular activities of all kinds of passengers. One can avail of special discounts on fares, special offers on shore excursions, or buy-one-use passes to enjoy all the aboard activities while on board the ships.

Cruising in Singapore during the pandemic might not be a bad idea after-all as it could actually be the best time to take advantage of fantastic deals and also as the ships are not overcrowded and you can enjoy your time with your family and friends without having to share with too many other vacationers.

The world’s busiest cruise ships operate in Singapore during the dry season and the festive one. In normal times, millions of visitors from around the globe fly to Singapore, some of them on cheap flights and some on Singapore government-subsidized domestic airlines that offer a significant discount over regular airfare. A Singapore package deal may include affordable accommodations, complimentary entry into cultural events and tours, and exclusive dining options on board these magnificent ships.

Of course, not everyone can afford to travel to Singapore. Unfortunately, for some vacationers from other neighbor countries that also experience severe tourism shortages during this time of uncertainty, they might not be able to travel to Singapore and board on a cruise ship.

However, even if you’re unable to get a ticket to Singapore and cruise with the big ships, hopefully you soon will be able to still enjoy smaller local cruise ship tours in Asia. There are many Asian ports that have plans to resume their cruising. These smaller vessels usually operate throughout the region and can often be able to provide inexpensive lodging and buffet-style meals to passengers on board.

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Cruising in Singapore during this pandemic has not been possible a part for very few cruises operated here and there, despite that, once the tickets for future cruises have been available from their respective cruise liners, they again become so popular that not only the big name in cruise ships are selling their tickets in full but also smaller and local ships can operate as low-budget alternatives to the more expensive European and American liners. These lesser-known Asian cruise operators can often provide first-rate amenities and at times, even better customer service.

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the most popular cruise liners that had planned a resuming on serving Singapore is the Carnival Cruise Lines. Its ships have served the Asian side of the world for many years. On board, passengers can expect to enjoy all of the exotic Asian cuisine on offer as well as many excursions that highlight local culture. Many of the ship’s activities are centered around food as the crew serves up delicious traditional fare to passengers and visitors.

Unfortunately after a welcomed resume to cruising in Singapore also Carnival had to change its course and decided to take another break up until November 2021. Ticket holders can still reschedule or get a refund in full. If you plan to wait until November 2021 and get you well deserved cruise here are the Port of Call:

Carnival cruise ships normally sail to:

  • 2 Night Bintan Island Getaway Cruise
  • 3 Night Penang Cruise
  • 3 Night Port Klang Cruise
  • 4 Night Penang & Phuket Cruise
  • 4 Night Port Klang & Phuket
  • 5 Night Port Klang, Penang & Phuket Cruise

When visiting Singapore, make sure to check out the Sentosa Island. This is well worth taking to see the scenery and wildlife that are only found in Asia. On arrival, there are a number of guided Singapore tours available to the tourist. The tour guides are able to answer any questions you may have about Sentosa and the surrounding area and can even suggest some things to do onsite.

For those looking for more excitement while cruising to Singapore, head over to the Underwater World. Here, tourists can swim with the dolphins, watch the sharks swim by, or simply enjoy the water. The Underwater World is the world’s largest indoor water park and is open year-round. If you want to get wet, have fun and make some souvenirs Underwater World is the place to go.

If you would like to see more of Singapore’s history, then you should definitely consider visiting the Chinatown. There are many historic temples here and it is the perfect place to get a glimpse into Singapore’s colonial history.

While aboard your cruise ship, there will be many opportunity to participate in the onboard entertainment, cabaret, and many other activities offered by your cruise ship.

Cruising in Singapore is a fun and educational way to experience the world. With so many sights to see and places to explore, you might even want to be back every year for another round of entertainment.

After your Singapore cruise, be sure to take in the world-famous Singapore River and its many islands.

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